What is Psychology with a Soul?

“You in others; this is your Soul.”  Russian poet Pasternak

Psychology With a Soul perceives psychological difficulties as universal to the human experience.  While the psychological field commonly subdivides psychological manifestations in more pathological terms, Psychology With a Soul is a more holistic approach to psychological wellness and living. Along with established and innovative methods of psychology, Psychology With a Soul includes a spiritual dimension by incorporating operational links to the soul or Intuitive nature.  The nature of the soul is relationship.

Facing and overcoming psychological crises is a process of increasing awareness of the duality (Spirit ~ matter) and the triplicity (physical, emotional, mental) of our human nature. The first step is to address the healing needed within these three aspects, which makes way for the full integration of all aspects of our nature. Without the ability to be the “detached observer” of our emotional states, actions, and reactions (which correspond with psychological concepts such as the development of an “observing ego,” mentalizing, and mindfulness), we cannot begin to resolve emotional conflicts or integrate our emotional and mental natures.

By fostering mental clarity and emotional calmness Psychology With a Soul opens a conscious connection to the soul and encourages the expression of soul qualities like joy, love, strength, and serenity.  Creative meditation is just one of the many tools used to facilitate this integration.